COVID19 Changed Everything For Seniors – Staying Home

COVID19 Changed Everything For Seniors – Staying Home

COVID19 changed everything in March, 2020.  Spring and summer plans changed.   Seniors began to shelter at home.  Many, like my wife and myself, still are at home.

Still in winter storage because of COVID19.

COVID19 Equals No Boating

Our boat did not move from winter storage.  Days on the lake are part of spring and summer fun.  Not this year.  There was no boating, no swimming, no walking on the beach and no beach bonfires.  We decided not to risk our health even with social distancing.  So, we stayed home.

COVID19 Equals No Traveling.

Traveling to see grandchildren was out of the question this summer.  We started our little motor home to keep the engine healthy, but it didn’t move since last taken on a trip in December.  We haven’t wanted to fly because of the closeness of passengers.  We could have driven places, but were reluctant to stay in hotels.  We did take day trips to family who live close by.  Long distance traveling wasn’t an option for us

Fun Things for Seniors to Do While Stuck at Home

Play Games

This summer, we played outdoor games like lawn bowling, lawn darts and corn hole.  We haven’t had time for these Lots of fun sheltering from COVID19.silly games for decades.  With  a lot of laughter, trash talking, beer drinking and suntanning, days flew by despite never leaving home.  Even the dog got into the fun begging everyone to try to chase her and get the toy.

We played indoor games.  A variety of puzzles challenged us in the evening.  Some had 500 pieces.  Some had 300 pieces.  Some were complicated scenes with subtle color changes.  Others had more distinguishable pieces.  For 3 years old and up or seniors sheltering from COVID19.Board games, dice games, card games, question games and picture games all took their turn entertaining during the hours at home.  There were no grandchildren around, but just us old folks laughing until we cried.  There’s no shame in enjoying a game suitable for 3 year olds and up.


We have a variety of fruit trees in our yard including apple, orange, lemon, avocado and fig.  We also have We needed the trees because of COVID19.grapes and artichokes.  In summers past, the gardens were a joy but often at the bottom of our to-do list. This summer we pruned, weeded, shaped, fertilized, water and picked.  There was a real sense of contented fulfillment in maintaining these trees.  Flower gardens in both the front and back yards also needed work.  At the end of gardening days, we were exhausted by happy.

Just Sit

There’s a couch, a little cabaret set with two chairs, a bar with stools, the grass, a picnic bench, a hot tub and a fire pit in the yard.  During normal times, all of these places to sit are mostly used for decoration.  These are not normal times.  We found ourselves sitting at the picnic bench for lunch talking over a sandwich and a coke.  The couch was a place for enjoying the warm breeze in the sun.  We grabbed a COVID19 meant more time in the hotter.vacant bar stool for a cool beer in the evening.  When the moon rose and the stars came out, we found ourselves luxuriating in the hot tub.  Before COVID19, our busy schedules kept all these places to sit vacant.  We talked back then, but not as much.

As Seniors, we are concerned about COVID19.  But, staying home to stay healthy has been great.  We stopped running from here to there. We didn’t meet people for this and that.  We stopped finding entertainment over there doing that. We stay home because we are vulnerable.  It turns out that this time was a gift.  We’ll start doing things away from home again, eventually.  We’ll visit family and friends again.  We’ll even travel again.  But we will always know that our home is a safe sanctuary and how much we enjoy being at home together.


21 thoughts on “COVID19 Changed Everything For Seniors – Staying Home

  1. When I saw the title “Covid19 changed everything for seniors-staying home,” I sighed, no doubt feeling sorry for the senior.  Half-way through your article, I felt sorry for me and encouraged by the things you shared.  

    You are doing so many special things at home with your wife, as you continue to live a quality life and create special memories.  I must say congrats.  You did not allow COVID-19 to take away your peace and joy.  

    I am also happy that you have someone and what appears to be a well equipped and no doubt beautiful space in which to wait out this pandemic. Please stay safe, both of you, and keep sharing.  We are reading.

    1. My wife and I are fortunate. Our income is stable and we have some private space to be outdoors.   COVID has helped us to appreciate things more.  Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  2. Covid did change everything, didn’t it? While not retired, necessarily, travel for my job stopped completely since customers didn’t want anyone to be inside their businesses. Without time spent on the road I made more phone calls and made sure that I spoke to as many friends and customers as possible. It truly helped to stay in contact with as many friends who lived nearby and across the country. I shared some of your activities with being able to spend more time sitting on the patio at home, but reading has been another godsend. Have you noticed more people walking in your neighborhood? I’ve met more people in my own neighborhood because so many more people are home and out walking instead of travelling on vacation or going to work. It will be nice to get back to normal someday but it’s also nice to reflect on the positives. Thanks for the article!

    1. Actually walking is something I should have added in the article.  We have noticed a lot of people walking with kids and pets.  From a distance we have introduced ourselves.  Thanks for taking the time to read and comment.

  3. COVID 19 caught everyone off-guard. The worst thing for me was the uncertainty that came with it, like not knowing if me or my family will ever get it.I feel for you though as you could not see your grandchildren this summer or travel anywhere far. Things will hopefully get better soon.

    1. Thanks for reading and writing your comment.  We are hopeful that things will improve.  Although for the last 4 weeks we have had our daughter and family here because of the forest fires.  At least we are together.

  4. Unfortunately, the coronavirus has put the whole world to rest. For the first time, we are all the same in this, regardless of nationality and religion. What I think is that our elders must be privileged at this moment, yet they are our parents, grandparents. They have the most free time and should be encouraged in choosing new hobbies. He has many opportunities to spend quality free time. They must not feel lonely.

    1. I agree with you.  I am retired so I don’t have to worry about loosing my job because of CoVID19.  I have had more time to do things I enjoy than ever before.  Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  5. The lockdown imposed because of covid-19 really hit everyone hard. Playing games made me to bond more with the family and I even learned how to play a piano. It is unfortunate that I stay in an apartment and there is no backyard space available to plant or have a garden. I like the article and it is straight to the point. 

  6. Reading your article gave me a perspective on just how much covid-19 has affected the lives of senior citizens in the country and I’m really sorry that the Global pandemic ruined your plans. The tips and information that you gave in your article will really be helpful to senior citizens stuck at home finding nothing to do and I’ll be sure to share it. 

    1. I appreciate you reading my article.  Despite worry about the virus, my wife and I have spent more concentrated time together than ever before.  As I said, that’s a gift.

  7. Seriously, life has been very hard for most people and the seniors in particular since they are restricted by a lot of things and can only but look for new things to do to get away from the boredom enforced by the lockdown. So, it makes a lot of sense to engae in some of the activities here. Board gaming especially is my dad’s take. And he seems to be loving the moments 

  8. Al this while doing nothing and I can come out and say that it has not been an easy ride at all because we have had to endure so many hardship all this past time. There has been a whole number of things that one cannot do because of the pandemic for over 6 months now. I hope that everything goes so I can enjoy hiking and fishing again.

    1. I think we are lucky in that the pandemic hit after we retired so there are some things we don’t have to worry about.  Thanks for reading my article.  All the best.

  9. It’s very true that covid19 changed a lot of things and this has been so disheartening to an extent, it rendered  all plans useless and all we do is to sit at home. I know how painful it can get to have all your plans shattered, but I believe soon, all will go back to normal. It’s interesting to read through this.

    1. Thanks for reading the article and taking the time to comment.  As things return to normal, we have promised that we are going to continue to spend a lot of time together not matter what has to be done in life.  The pandemic taught us that.

  10. Hello there, it’s really a though time sealing with the covid 19 since it’s all started and truly we all have been affected in one way of the other and I have to say it’s not been easy staying indoors always. I have really been dealing with it the hard way and I really hope it comes to an end really soon. We will all be fine. Cheera

    1. We have a huge yard so we are isolated but not only inside… we’re fortunate in that. Thanks for your comment.  All the best in this tough time.

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